“Here are just a few of the reasons it is important to support accessible cervical healthcare: – Cervical cancer was once the number 1 cancer-related killer of individuals with a cervix, but since the introduction of the Pap test, that number has dropped to 15! – Every hour, one person with a cervix in the U.S. is diagnosed with cervical cancer, and the Pap test and the combined Pap + HPV co-test are recognized as the most successful methods for early detection. – 1 in 5 cervical cancer cases are missed due to screening with HPV tests alone, but by choosing 2 tests – the Pap and the HPV co-test – instead of the HPV test alone, all those with a cervix have the best possible chance of catching cervical cancer early. Head to precerv.org/take-action to join me in taking the Precerv Pledge! #precerv #precervtwotests”

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