“I love being a mom, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone that I forget to take care of myself. It’s a good idea to step back and remember that we can’t take care of the ones we love if we don’t take care of ourselves. Regular Pap + HPV co-tests screen for cervical cancer, a highly preventable disease, and these co-tests are one of the most important things we can do as moms to make sure we remain healthy. 

Have you ever had an abnormal Pap test result? I had a scare a few years ago with abnormal cells but thankfully, all my Pap tests since then have been normal. I’m so grateful Pap tests are available for the early detection of abnormal cells that could possibly mutate into cancer cells. Did you know that cervical cancer was once the #1 cancer-related killer of women? But ever since the Pap test became available the number has dropped to #15

Unfortunately, new regulations could end universal access to the Pap test and put countless lives at risk.  Let’s all do our part and add our names to support access to the Pap and the Pap + HPV co-test.”