“Studies and statistics show that the Pap + HPV co-Test in particular has caught 94.1% of cervical cancers, 99.7% of cervical pre-cancer, and has successfully identified 70% of cancers that were missed by the HPV Test alone.  

About 10 years ago after a regular exam, my Pap test results came back abnormal. Truth be told, during that time I was in a sexual relationship with someone who was unfortunately having unprotected sex with other women as well. I was protected every time, except once. After having been screened, I was diagnosed with HPV. I was devastated, however, I’m grateful that I found out early enough to prevent progression. I’m grateful that I had zero symptoms, such as genital warts or cancer. I’m grateful that I remained consistent with regular visits because after years of receiving abnormal Pap tests and biopsies, I finally received GREAT NEWS in 2020; my Pap test results were finally NORMAL again. YASSSSSS!”