“Every hour 1 woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with cervical cancer. While HPV testing is useful in detecting specific viral strains that can influence cervical cell changes, Pap tests detect cellular precursors of potential cervical cancer. OB/GYNs encourage women to get the Pap+HPV co-test, as it is recognized in healthcare as the most successful method for early detection and treatment. Screening with the Pap+HPV co-test identifies 70% of cancers missed by HPV testing alone. The accuracy rate of this co-test is proven to detect 94.1% of cervical cancers and 99.7% of cervical pre-cancers. In the clinical setting, I emphasize the importance of routine cervical screening for women 21 years of age and older. Continued universal access to combined Pap+HPV testing is a necessity, not a privilege. New regulations are limiting access to women’s health screenings, which puts lives at risk. Defend access to the Pap+HPV co-test by signing the Precerv Pledge via the link below, as well as contacting the senators of your state.”