“As a WAHM, even pre-pandemic, I “went to work” sans make-up…sometimes sans pants. It’s no secret that unless my camera was on, my aesthetics game was “Meh.” When I was writing Schooled, my book about my experiences as a teacher, I was so invested in the project that I allowed even more to fall by the wayside. I spent all my free time writing, including the time I’d previously used to work-out; and at one point, gained almost 10 pounds. I justified there was no time to take care of myself–I was a busy mother of three with a full-time teaching job AND I was writing a book. Sigh.

It’s kinda scary to think how easy it is to let ourselves slip. No mascara is one thing, but sacrificing our health for more time to <fill in the blank> write our book, care for aging parents, raise kids, put in overtime at work–is no bueno and women do this way too often. We need to make time for our own health, and remind our village to do the same. Let’s remind our sisters and gal pals and colleagues and partners: SCHEDULE YOUR PAP!”