“I used to evade doctors and cervical screenings at all costs. The first time I went in, I started hyperventilating and sobbing on the doctor’s table and didn’t go through with the appointment. Years passed and despite knowing that I needed to get screened for my health, I couldn’t get past my fear of trusting someone with my body. People who had never experienced sexual violence didn’t understand why I was making it such a big deal. They didn’t understand the intense emotions that can come with testing. Trauma gets stored in your body whether you want to remember it or not. I had to re-train my body that examinations are not a loss of control, they are how I can take control back by empowering myself through my health. They can be scary, uncomfortable, overwhelming, but I believe in your ability to reclaim your power. Join me in taking the Precerv Promise this Women’s Health Month to protect regular access to the Pap + HPV co-test.”