“Hello #cervixowners <3 Let’s talk healthcare. Growing up, going to the gyno was something I never considered and was super taboo in my family. I never spoke to anyone about cervical cancer, let alone the ways to detect it. The older I became, the more prevalent it was to me that I had to take charge of my own health! That is why I am taking the Precerv Pledge! The most successful method for early detection is the Pap + HPV co-test. This test has helped save lives. Studies and statistics show that the Pap and HPV Co-test in particular has caught 94.1% of cervical cancers and 99.7% of cervical pre-cancers, and has successfully identified 70% of cancers that were missed by the HPV test alone. It is so important for everyone with a cervix to have regular access to the combined Pap + HPV co-test!”