“Detecting cervical cancer ahead of time could give a better chance at a cure, and even save a life. If you have never had this test done, or if it has been a while due to fear with costs, insurance coverage, or just unaware of this is available to you, I am so honored to share this invaluable information with you.

Not everyone knows, I certainly didn’t, but the “The Affordable Care Act” covers cervical cancer screening for most people who have a cervix. You heard that right! This life changing Pap test is accessible for most people-regardless of their income level.

This is so important to me because I know that no one can be ME with my little ones. No one else knows all the little details that I know about my Vittoria, or my little Madysen. I want to be there for those midnight worries, sick days, sad days, and any days they NEED their mama. This is one more step in the right direction to take another step in the right direction to ensure that mommy IS there for their first everythings.”