“I remember one time in college I was experiencing extremely sharp pain in my uterus. I went from clinic, to urgent care, to hospital without any answers. After multiple dead ends, I finally was able to schedule an appointment with the OBGYN at my university. She was able to rule out cervical cancer with a Pap test, and based on my symptoms, ordered an ultrasound. I was diagnosed with a uterine ulcer that was caught early and it was treated right away.

I was extremely lucky to have access to an OBGYN who knew to screen me with a Pap in order to determine my diagnosis and assess my treatment plan. Unfortunately, many women have not received their Paps simply because, one, they don’t have any symptoms or discomfort, and two, they do not know that they have access to screenings.

Cervical cancer is often asymptomatic in the beginning, so it Is crucial that Pap testing be included in EVERY routine women’s wellness exam. Don’t think you have access to a Pap? The Affordable Care Act covers Pap tests for most everyone and helps women keep up on their screenings.”