“On May 11, 2017 I had to undergo a LEEP procedure to prevent cervical cancer, along with removing a cyst the size of my fist. Thankfully, I was able to catch the cells just in time before they turned cancerous, but imagine if I had waited any longer? I couldn’t imagine the effects that would’ve had on my body. It’s so important to always listen to your body and advocate for yourself. Every hour, one person with a cervix in the U.S. is diagnosed with cervical cancer, and the Pap test and the combined Pap + HPV co-test are recognized as the most successful methods for early detection and treatment. Now, new regulations are endangering access to the Pap screening and the lives of countless individuals are at risk. Join me in taking the Precerv Promise to protect access to the Pap and HPV co-test. Head to precerv.org/take-action to sign the pledge!”