“Did you know that every hour, one person with a cervix in the U.S. is diagnosed with cervical cancer? The Pap test and the combined Pap + HPV Co-test are recognized as the most successful methods for early detection. Taking care of my health and my family’s health is very important to me and I’d like to ask you to do the same! Stay on top of your cervical health! The combined co-test in particular has caught thousands of cancers in their early stages, often identifying irregularities that the HPV test alone has missed. 1 in 5 cervical cancer cases are missed due to incomplete testing, but by choosing 2 tests – the Pap and the HPV Co-test – instead of the HPV test alone, all those with a cervix have the best possible chance of catching cervical cancer early. Now, new regulations are endangering access to this vital test and the lives of countless individuals are at risk.”