“My mom was bright, loud, funny, and generous – her tenacity was unforgettable. 🤍 When I was 22, just a few short months before this photo was taken, we found out my mom had cervical cancer. She was 39 years old, and just a year later this rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer would take her life too soon. I miss my mom every single day, and what happened to her has changed the way I see healthcare, and the way I advocate for access to preventative measures for all. We have no clue how my mom got sick, and we have no clue if it could be genetic. She went into the doctor many times with worry, and typical tests came back without irregularity, so her cancer wasn’t caught until it was too late. Watching her advocate for herself broke my heart, but in recent years, has forced me to reflect upon the absolute privilege she had to be able to do so. To have health care coverage and the financial means needed to fight for answers when it came to her health. There is nothing more serious or close to my heart than going to my yearly check-ups and encouraging my friends to do the same.”