“Whether you are going on vacation, having a self care day, or attending an important business meeting, you want to make sure that your health is on point so you can engage in these life-experiences to the fullest. I love to travel and experience new places, people and, cultures, because it expands my perspective and knowledge of the world around me. As a young women, I believe it’s important to protect access to preventive cervical healthcare, like the combined Pap+HPV co-test. In fact studies and statistics show that the Pap+HPV co-test in particular has caught 94.1% of cervical cancers and 99.7% of cervical pre-cancers, and has successfully identified 70% of cancers that were missed by the HPV test alone. This is why I have signed the Precerv Promise, and I encourage my followers to do the same. This pledge advocates for the rights of all individuals with a cervix to access these tests.”