“As a future dietitian, I’m committed to promoting healthy lifestyle habits that include more than what we eat. Our health and quality of life relies on so many factors. Did you know that, every hour, one person with a cervix in the U.S. is diagnosed with cervical cancer? And, did you know that the Pap test and the combined Pap + HPV Co-test are recognized as the most successful methods for early detection? Cervical cancer was once one of the number one cancer-related killer of individuals with cervixes, but now the number has dropped to fifteen thanks to the Pap test! As a healthcare provider, I cannot voice enough the importance of protecting access to preventative cervical healthcare, such as the combined Pap+HPV co-test. This is why I signed the Precerv Promise, and I encourage my followers to do the same. Advocacy is key when handling such important topics and this pledge advocates for the right to access these tests.“