“My 20’s was an incredible time of personal development + spiritual growth. 📚🙏🏼 This is also when my greatest lifetime achievement occurred; I naturally healed three “mental illnesses” and ended a seven year dependency on psychiatric medication. 💊🧘🏽‍♀️ In my 20’s I was able to discover my personal powers and remember who I REALLY am. 🧿

I know that if my physical body was not healthy during this time, I would not have been able to focus on healing my mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 🌱📿 I would still be living in a constant state of fear, conforming to societal conditioning, and struggling to connect to Source. 💫🌟

Women’s health is a crucial component to overall physical well-being. In my 20’s, I made Pap tests a regular part of my wellness routines and I encourage women in their 20’s to do the same. 🥼📋 If detected early, cervical cancer is one of the most successfully treatable cancers. The Pap test, which detects cervical cancer, is vital to staying cervical cancer-free.”

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