“Since cancer runs in my family, I make sure I keep up on all my screenings including a comprehensive cervical cancer screening. The combined Pap and Pap HPV co-test in particular have caught thousands of cancers in their early stages, often identifying irregularities that the HPV test alone has missed. Now, new regulations are endangering access to the Pap screening and the lives of countless individuals like you are at risk. Every individual with a cervix should have access to comprehensive cervical cancer screening. That means no half measures and no misdiagnoses, and it’s why I just signed the petition at precerv.org to protect the Pap & HPV Co-test. Did you know 1 in 5 cervical cancer cases are missed due to incomplete testing? But by choosing 2 tests – the Pap and the HPV Co-test- instead of the HPV test alone, all those with a cervix have the best possible chance of catching cervical cancer early.”