“I would like to speak to other women and mothers about the importance of cervical health. This topic is very personal and important to me because my great grandmother passed away from cervical cancer. This is why I am taking the Precerv Pledge to protect our access to the Pap + HPV co-test. I encourage you to do the same! Did you know that 1 in 5 cervical cancer cases are missed due to screening with HPV testing alone? Choosing 2 tests, the Pap test and the HPV co-test instead of the HPV test alone, provides us with the best possible chance of catching cervical cancer early. Also, cervical cancer was once the number one cancer-related killer of women, but since the introduction of the Pap test, that number has dropped to fifteen. Please join me in taking the Precerv promise to protect access to the Pap + HPV co-test. Head to precerv.org/take-action to sign the pledge!”